When Bears Attack

by Dwight Howard Johnson

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released July 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Dwight Howard Johnson Charlottesville, Virginia

Formed at the end of 2011. Led by the concentrated lyrical delivery of frontman Drew "Pop" Carroll and the rumbling background of the rhythm section, DWIGHT HOWARD JOHNSON has been known to turn it up. Loud. Blame that on "Dos Cosas" Tom Daly's thunder stick and "Catfish" Johnson on the drums. But can you really blame them? ... more

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Track Name: Outline
Verse 1
There's a pull on the rope
draws the curtain to a close
out of sight out of life
and it comes out of nowhere
and it comes too soon
but it can't entirely consume
still so much left after final blow of breath
it gets harder to forget
that all in due time we all fall into
the same chalk outline

No one's gone if you carry them on
scatter their ashes round your favorite songs
they're alive when you sing a long
there's a pain a bitter after taste
that's what's left when they're wheeled away
may it dull may it fade

Verse 2
Some make jokes it's their only way to cope
they do better in bad taste
others grow still and they fixate
stationary is how they stay
I prefer the first our best is in our worst
please go blue at my wake
when all in due time I fall into
the said chalk outline

Track Name: Now it's dark
Call you up when I'm alone
not quite sure on how to get home
call you up the means to an end
and you give and give in again and again
where'd the last one go?
paid off the bartender so no one would know
the way in which you shut it down
the way you feel when no one is around

Wrong is right in redemption
home is night where you let them come right in
never more no repeat offense
never more than acquaintances

If it's not your bill then it's hard to stay shut
no bluff is ever called till there's been way to much
here I am take me a crutch to stand
lean on my when you're not strong and I'll be your friend


And you'll never walk alone
talk that talk of what's up above
but what's below is what's within
and you give and you give in again and again